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Gondola moving equipment: FOURMI accessories

Discover the wide range of accessories Fourmi®

A lifting bar adapted to most retail fixtures' feet (gondola shelving, racking systems, refrigeration units, checkout counters, displays...). It has been especially designed to easily lift the units' foot. They are included in the FOURMI® case to secure the gondola's back panels. They are to be fitted on top of the upright at each bay intersection. They reinforce the whole unit and prevent the gondola's back panels from coming apart during difficult manoeuvres on uneven floors. Available for 6, 12 or 18 FOURMI®, our cases are virtually unbreakable and ideal to protect your FOURMI® during transit. They have compartments for storing FOURMI® accessories and the case for 12/18 FOURMI® is fitted with 2 sturdy wheels and a telescopic handle.

Available in sets of 6 or 12.
FOURMI® Edge Adapter clips itself onto FOURMI® skates for moving gondolas with very deep shelves (over 800mm depth). It saves a traction on the junction between the base leg and the adjuster. The Edge Adapter also enables you to move any displays without feet.
 Available in sets of 4, the FOURMI® Xtra is a 26cm (10.24 inches) diameter skate with a larger engineered slot that has been specifically designed for moving gondola ends, double footed gondolas, pallets and racking systems.A specially designed handle for safely positioning FOURMI® under the unit’s foot. Simply clips the Handler’s ring onto one of the ball bearings’ cages and you will be able to maneuver FOURMI® freely and with precision.