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5 easy steps for moving a gondola using our gondola shelving mover

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It has never been easier to become a gondola shelving mover! Make sure you have enough FOURMI® skates for the move.
  • 1 case of 12 FOURMI® will move 5 bays of gondola (double sided shelving)
  • 2 cases of 12 FOURMI® will move 11 bays of gondola (double sided shelving)
  • 3 cases of 12 FOURMI® will move 17 bays of gondola (double sided shelving)

Using the especially designed FOURMI® Lifting bar, grab the shelving outer foot (the end of the FOURMI® Lifting Bar has an engineered notch that fits all major gondola systems).Simply lift the unit's foot by just 3cm (1.18 inches) so that there is enough clearance for the FOURMI® skate to slide underneath.Hold on tight as it is now time for your team-mate to place FOURMI® under the shelving unit. The Lifting Bar is long and bulky so that you can lift loads without too much effort.

Slide the FOURMI® skate under the gondola shelving and carefully position the adjuster into FOURMI® circular engineered slot.Now you can release the foot down, FOURMI® is fitted under your gondola shelving. 

Repeat this procedure until all the unit's outer foot are fitted with FOURMI®.

If the unit is loaded with unstable merchandise (such as liquids) you are advised to remove 30% of the stock.

Once all your FOURMI® are fitted, one person situated at the unit end and two or three others to guide the manoeuvre can move the gondola shelving to the designated area. With FOURMI® you can roll the gondola with a 360° turn capacity.

When the gondola shelving is positioned, lift its feet using the FOURMI® Lifting bar and remove all FOURMI® skates from the unit.