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IMGR Group launches BLUESPIDER®: Automated Displays
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BLUESPIDER Electric display hanger - Hanging displays without lift. IMGR Group launches BLUESPIDER®: Automated Displays 

A new patented technology from IMGR Group: BLUESPIDER.

Have you ever wondered how to change that hanging displays faster and more safely?

BLUESPIDER is a series of automated display hangers that allow you to change your display from the floor level without the need for a ladder or a lifting platform. Ask your posters or banners to quickly come down to you thanks to our clever remote control and change all your displays in record time.

With our easy to use remote control you can also program your BLUESPIDER to continuously move your display up and down to the desired height. You can even make them swivel at the touch of a button.

This is a real little revolution in visual communication. Your displays will never go unnoticed!

To find out more about our BLUESPIDER automatic displays please visit (sorry, only in French for now).