FOURMI : Gondola moving system

A total revolution in store layout management

FOURMI® is a revolutionary gondola moving system that allows you to move fully loaded gondola shelving and other store fixtures within minutes and disconcerting ease.

Save huge time, effort and money to change your store layout, increase your in-store promotions or save for that refurbishment.

- Easy & fast set up          - Extremely economic
- Multi-purpose                  - Ultra compact & lightweight
- Incredibly strong             - Absolute stirring control
- Completely safe              - Huge time & labour savings

This is a total revolution in store layout management as you can change an entire store layout overnight!

Strong, easy and secure, FOURMI® skate can move virtually any store fixtures (fully loaded gondola shelving, refrigeration cabinets, checkouts counters, display units…) in record time. 

Launched over 15 years ago, this unique shelf moving system rapidly became the worldwide No.1 system for moving loaded gondola shelving in supermarkets. Watch a video of our gondola shelving mover in action.

Moving gondola shelving with FOURMI® enables swift, efficient and unlimited movements with total control.

Thank you for visiting our website! We hope we will be able to show you all the benefits that can be achieved by introducing FOURMI® into your store and please feel free to contact us for any question.

upload/evenements/globalshop-2013-thank-you-19-en-vign-267_109.jpg 04/07/2013 GlobalShop 2013, thank you! Thank you for stopping by our booth and testing FOURMI on a gondola. If you didn’t...

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upload/evenements/120000-fourmi-sold-worldwide-14-en-vign-267_109.jpg 08/04/2011 120,000 FOURMI sold worldwide We are proud to announce that FOURMI past the 120,000 units sold worldwide this week. For...

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